Why Join?

There are many reasons for deciding to join a HAFTA; growth, community,  and strength in numbers are just a few of the reasons.  The growth that you will see is not only for each individual truck, but also, industry wide.  Through a strong community we can share more information that will help each truck become better on the road, at venues, behind the grills, and computer screen.   We already have a fantastic community, but imagine where that group also had the backing of an organization where trucks cannot be  blackballed by the city, county, or clients for trying to set a standard.  With an organization behind you we can fight the fight for your business without the risk to you. Through our strength in numbers we can gain the respect needed to show the municipalities that we mean business and will not be ignored and sit back and let things happen to our way of life, our business, our industry.

Join us.  We can and will make a difference together.